Candy Crush Saga

Tiffy and Mr. Toffee join their sweet adventure through the wonderful Candy Kingdom. Jump from hundreds of layers in this delicious puzzle adventure and make your way to suit. Is not that a sweet game? Take this delicious sweet saga alone or play with friends that can run the highest score.

Candy Crush Saga is a beautiful and entertaining puzzle game that includes some related social information. Each player should make a variety of sweets and a connection to them, then they will disappear. Each player in the game has more than 200 levels to open a new candy adventure.


Playing and starting a game is very simple and easy, but there are many difficulties reaching the master level. Because in the game you have to focus on moving different colors of candy and attaining the purpose of disappearance, it should be together.

Candy Crush Saga offers a variety of game modes. The general model is the most representative of hundreds of different levels of play. To move to the next step, you must pass through all the levels. In any case, you can find a mysterious journey to the world of jelly, sweets and other sweets.


This game is based on the theme of candy, the original rule ends candy, which is three to five. To get a high score in the game, you have to put together one kind of candy and then they have to explode, the effects will be different.

Barriers to the game are unlocked one after the other and after fifteen levels you can invite Facebook friends to unlock for a long time. The first twenty barriers are directly unlocked, but train tickets (sometimes a boat ticket or a plane ticket) is required after the 35th level.


  • Play 10 mini-games: Happy Connect, Bubble Shooter, Planet Hop and more! Earn gold coins and have fun.
  • Feed your own Tom: Play a game with him, feed him your favorite food, bump into bed.
  • Go to “Talking Tom” from your friends and other players: Look at apartments and see other Tom’s, find treasure chests and get coins.
  • Enjoy life like emotions: Tom can be happy, hungry, asleep, boring … depending on how you feel, depending on how you play it, you change.
  • Find Your Creativity: Make Your Own Tom by Selecting 1000 Combinations of Fur, Clothing and Furniture.
  • Get as prize progress: Help Tom to unlock new items and coins in 9 different steps and 999 levels.
  • Talk to Tom: The talk and Tom still repeat what they say. Poke, Cress and Tickle and see how it responds.
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