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Gangstar Vegas 3.8.2a Mod+Obb+Apk For Android

Gangster Vegas is a Mafia(criminal game).In the game we get to control a gangster who wants to rule the last Vegas’s underworld. Well, most of the players like the game because it recalls them of G.T.A. Like killing people and driving cars and all of things you want to do in Las Vegas as a mafia man and gangster.

This game is not for them who are concerned about their device storage as it consumes a hefty 1.4 GB in Android.It is a Game loft produced game.

Here you can

-) play as a MMA fighter in the exciting story mode .
-) complete many mission filled with excitement and action.
-) make a gangster squad and win mafia wars with them.

Infinite fun- it has a bigger and better version of the city than the previous mafia game.It has got all sorts of weapons-guns grenade launcher and Molotov cocktail.It has got some coarse language as well.

In the story mode you are Jason who will meet a guy named Frank. Jason is a MMA fighter who has been getting warnings from mafia gang named system who rules the city. They warned Jason to obey them and lose a match but the other fellow was so weak that he got knocked out in a punch. Now, Jason started running to save his life and met an ally who is Mrs Montello’s (another gangster) accountant.

She appreciates Jason’s shooting skills and compliments him on it. Then they face a barricade but Jason’s takes it out by a grenade launcher. Then she asks him that why are the gangsters chasing him like a mad dog and Jason replies “I won a fight which I was not supposed to” the story will continue in the game.

gangstar vegas latest mod apk Features-

  1. The game has awesome realistic graphics.
  2. In genre it is an action shooting game. The features of the game are awesome like the different
  3. modes or the movable cursor, the shoot button, the accelerator and the brake.
  4. It has insane vehicles with different design.
  5. It even got some good stuff from outer space. It has the largest open world for the mafia.
  6. It will bring you a taste of life in Las Vegas. The mod game has-
  7. Unlimited money.
  8. VIP Mode
  9. Endless diamonds
  10. Unlimited SP Infinite keys.

You can become Vegas’s best shooter in different modes and go in the casino’s . Climb the leader boards in ultimate like water racing, street racing, MMA and more .You can better your skills and gears by upgrading them using SP and you can personalize them.
It is a game that u can play in third person perspective and in different modes like quick play and story mode.

Rating: 4.6/5. From 14 votes.
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